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Marketing Meatballs: How Far Will Companies Go to Grab Our Attention?

April 06, 2023 Mark Hebblewhite Season 1 Episode 39
eCommerce Insiders
Marketing Meatballs: How Far Will Companies Go to Grab Our Attention?
Show Notes

Welcome back to our podcast! In this episode, we explore the innovative and occasionally controversial methods that businesses employ to grab our attention and influence our food preferences.

We begin with a story about a London restaurant that served meals prepared with insects to show how effective marketing may persuade us to try new foods and appreciate different cuisines. We then cover shock marketing, which is a strategy used by businesses to stir up controversy and attract media attention. Furthermore, we look at the ethical issues that come up when businesses adopt shock marketing, such as the recent campaign for woolly mammoth meatballs, which sparked concerns about the commercialization of science and the consumption of extinct animals.
We also go over the negatives of shock marketing and provide instances of contentious marketing campaigns, such as Bud Light's sponsorship of transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Join us as we examine the intriguing and occasionally contentious world of food marketing and evaluate how these tactics affect both our individual food preferences and our society as a whole.

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